Rider Alerts

No Transit Services on Memorial Day

RTA and South County Transit will not operate transit services on Memorial Day, Monday May 25th. We will return to our current Saturday schedule that includes week-day express trips on Tuesday the 26th.

May 7, 2020: Dial a Ride Service Returns to Regular Service levels

Dial a Ride services revert back to previous service levels immediately. At the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine, the service was reduced to medical appointments only and was not charging fares. The service returns to regular access and also returns to charging fares. We do ask that riders use the service for essential trips and to not ride if you are not feeling well. We also recommend riders wear face masks to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

April 28, 2020: Continuing to Run Reduced Schedule

Just a reminder: RTA and SoCo Transit continue to run on a reduced Saturday schedule Mon-Fri that includes Express trips. Please limit trips to essential travel to allow for sufficient distancing inside the bus. RTA does not have a date set for when we will return to a full schedule, but we will keep you posted!

April 13: Passenger Limits on all Vehicles

To support social distancing goals, RTA/Paso Express and SoCo Transit will begin limiting the number of passengers in all fixed route service. The number of passengers will vary depending on the size of the vehicle. Here are the new passenger limits:

  1. Forty foot Buses (RTA): No more than 10-15 riders can be on a bus at one time — 10 individuals, or up to 15 if customers are riding together (such as couples or parents with children).
  2. Thirty-five foot Buses (SCT & Paso Express): No more than 8-12 riders can be on a bus at one time — 8 individuals, or up to 12 if customers are riding together (such as couples or parents with children).
  3. Route 15 Cutaway Van (RTA): No more than 5-7 riders can be on a bus at one time — 5 individuals, or up to 7 if customers are riding together (such as couples or parents with children).
  4. Demand Response vehicles – 1 passenger per trip (not counting one Personal Care Attendant and one Companion on Runabout vans). We ask that riders forego non-essential trips.

March 20: Fare Free Rides & Rear Door Loading

Effective immediately:

RTA/Paso Express and SoCo Transit will provide free bus service until further notice. This applies to Runabout paratransit services as well.

Passengers without mobility disabilities will be boarding and alighting from the vehicle from the “rear door” which is in the middle of most buses to minimize contact with bus operators at the front door and farebox area. Passengers using mobility devices or with accessibility needs who need the ramp will be allowed to board and alight from the front door of the vehicle.

Refunds will not be issued to riders who have previously purchased bus passes.

Covid-19/Coronavirus Update: Saturday Service with Express Trips

Starting Monday March 16, In compliance with California State Governor Newsom’s restrictions to reduce exposure to the coronavirus, we will be reducing bus service to run on a Saturday schedule, but will continue to run weekday express bus trips Monday through Friday. Please look at the schedules for each route on our website. This will affect the hours for Runabout service to Saturday hours and Dial a Ride will operate for medical trips only.

We have increased the frequency of cleaning the interior of our vehicles and riders are advised to take personal responsibility and not use public transit if they are feeling ill and to wash hands frequently. We will be monitoring the situation closely through the SLO County Public Health agency and will inform riders if we decide to make any changes to the bus schedules. If you have questions please direct them to our email at info@slorta.org.

CIty of Grover Beach: Closed for bus pass sales

As of Tuesday March 17 the City of Grover Beach has closed its offices to the public. Please consider purchasing a bus pass using the Token Transit app on your smart phone, or you can visit one of our other pass sales outlets that are open as of this posting. See the list of outlets here:http://www.slorta.org/passes/outlets/