Why ride the bus?

Hey, what kind of a questions is that? It’s fun, saves money, saves gas, reduces carbon emissions, eliminates parking hassles AND you can text while you ride or maybe even meet some nice, new people.


Where do I find the schedules? How do I read the bus schedules?

See Schedules. If you need more help, call us at (805) 541–2228.


How do I know what bus to take?

Good question. A great place to start is our Home Page where you’ll see our Google Transit Trip Planner in the center of the page. Simply enter in your start point and destination and it will show you which bus to take throughout all of the SLO County systems.


How much do bus passes cost? Where do I find fare prices?

See the “Fares and Passes” section.


Which passes work on which buses?

See the “Fares and Passes” section.

Timed Stops vs. Non-Timed Stops

To keep the bus schedules predictable and running as close to on-time as possible, bus systems use Timed Stops. These are bus stops where the bus will wait until the listed time for that stop occurs before leaving that stop. Riders are assured that the bus will not be leaving before the stated time for that particular stop. Not all bus stops are timed stops. The schedules primarily list the timed stops, although there is usually another list of all stops on the route. While timed stops prevent buses from being early, they cannot control when a bus runs late.


I lost something on the bus, where can I retrieve it?

Call Dispatch for Lost and Found information at (805) 541–2228. Items are held for 90 days.


What are the other transit service available in SLO County?


Where is the Regional Transit office located?

We are at 253 Elks Lane in San Luis Obispo.

Where can I access the RTA GTFS information?

The link to our GFTS can be found here: