New Facility

The Building

The new facility is along the Highway 101 at the northbound Prado Street exit. It will be 28,650 square feet and will house company operations, administration, dispatch and vehicle maintenance. This includes bus parking for much of the RTA fleet. The goal is to complete construction by February 2022. The construction will be done by San Luis Obispo based Specialty Construction. The new site will also allow for future inclusion of battery electric bus chargers and a solar canopy. You can watch a fly-over video of the entire facility concept here.

The Site

The parcel was purchased along with Community Action Partnership of SLO (CAPSLO) for their new homeless shelter and services on Prado Lane. The property is about 6.5 acers of land, and in time, we will be neighbors with the new overpass for Prado Road to the 101. Our current site is only 2.7 acres and can only hold a fraction of the RTA vehicles. The new on-site parking will accommodate approximately 73 public transit buses and vans as well as 84 employee and visitor vehicles, respectively, for a total of 157 on-site parking spaces


This project is expected to cost $31 million overall. $8 million will be paid for in grants, $25 million will be through loans. RTA is the very first recipient of a TIFIA Federal loan through the USDOT Build America Bureau which covers $16 million and the rest will be funded through State grants and private financing.

New SLORTA Building