Rider Alerts

JULY 1, 2021 RTA and SoCo Transit will return to full fare pricing!

Our bus pass sales outlets are opening back up so it is time to return to our pre COVID-19 pricing. Masks are still mandatory at this time.
To see currently open pass outlets and their hours please visit our Pass Outlet page.

CDC Update to Mask Wearing Mandate: Effective Feb 2, 2021

The CDC has issued an order that now requires all of our riders and drivers to wear a mask to reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Masks are required for all persons when boarding, disembarking and for the duration of the trip. This order also applies to people at the bus stops and Runabout passengers.

  • The order permits face masks only. We can no longer allow bandanas, scarves, plastic face-shields without a mask or a t-shirt pulled over the face.
  • The mask must cover the nose and mouth.
  • Masks with one-way valves do not comply with the order.

For more information on the new Order, visit our COVID 19 information page here.

Current Schedules

Currently RTA and South County Transit run on weekday hourly bus trips but there are no express trips on Routes 9, 10 and 12 during this stage of transition. Weekends are on our regular schedule. Fares are 50¢ regular/25¢ discounted, and a face covering is required to ride the bus.

Bus Pass Sales are Online or RTA office only

**CURRENT NEWS: At this time all RTA pass outlets are closed due to COVID 19. Bus fares are now 50¢ regular and 25¢ discounted. Cash fares are payable on the bus and bus passes are for sale online or at the RTA office only. If you come to the RTA office please use the outside intercom to reach staff members. Thanks!

Starting June 28: Return to Hourly Schedules. Continued required face coverings

Starting Sunday June 28, RTA and South County Transit return to hourly bus trips. There will be no express trips during this stage of transition. Fares will stay at the 50¢ regular/25¢ discounted, and a face covering is required to ride the bus.


Effective Sunday June 14 RTA and South County Transit will implement two important changes.

Fares will increase to 50¢ Regular and 25¢ Discounted. Runabout changes to $1 per trip.
To reduce exposure to the COVID 19 virus, face coverings will be required to ride in transit vehicles. Face coverings can be a mask, a bandana, even a t-shirt pulled up over your nose and mouth. To read the order requiring face coverings, please visit our COVID-19 information page.

Sunday June 14: Beginning to charge fares on transit

Starting on Sunday June 14, RTA and South County Transit will begin charging a 50¢ Regular fare and a 25¢ Discounted fare. Cash fares are accepted and no change is given by the farebox or the driver. Riders can also purchase a pass using the Token Transit phone app or physical pass through PayPal on the slorta.org website which will be mailed to you.


All of the updates and changes to our system regarding COVID 19 are found on the COVID 19 webpage.