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RTA and SCT Board meetings this week May 4 and 5.

RTA is Weds 8:30 AM at the County Supervisor’s room, and SCT is Thursday  1:30 at the AG City Hall.

Monday March 14: RTA to being running luxury buses on 3 express routes

On Monday March 14, the San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority (RTA) will introduce four ‘coach’ style luxury buses into our system and begin using them on longer, express runs.

These MCI Over-the-road coaches are built for comfort with high back, reclining seats. These buses are a ‘Greyhound’ style of bus interior versus the standard ‘transit’ style bus. They carry up to 57 seated passengers which is 20 more than our standard transit bus. We will be putting them into service on the following routes:

  • Route 10, 6:15AM Express run from Santa Maria to San Luis Obispo,
  • Route 9, 6:50 AM Express from Paso Robles to SLO
  • Route 9, 4:15 PM Express from SLO to Paso Robles.

Route Changes to SCT Routes 21,23,24 Effective Sunday Feb 14

In our ongoing effort to improve our transit systems, SCT will be implementing small time changes that will affect Routes 21,23 and 24, effective this Sunday February 14, 2016.  To see all changes please visit the Schedules page. To see a summary of all changes, please review this document outline of all time changes.

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Rider Alerts

SLO Marathon Stop Closures Sunday May 1

From 8am-1pm: The streets of SLO will be full of Marathon runners on May 1 and we will be closing the following stops: SOUTHBOUND- Nipomo @ Higuera, S. Higuera @ South and NORTHBOUND -S. Higuera @ South and Marsh @ Broad. The stop at the Government Center will move from Osos Street around the corner to Palm Street. 

SCT Route Schedule Changes Effective Sunday Feb 14

Routes 21, 23 and 24 will all have small schedule changes that will become effective on Sunday February 14. Please visit our News page for details