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What is SB-1 Doing for You?

Please take a moment to check out a video from the California Transit Association, letting you know about what the funds from SB-1 (the gas tax) is doing for transit and transportation.

RTA Board Approves Fare Increase

At the November 1, 2017 RTA Board meeting the Board voted to approve the proposed fare increase. This will go into effect on December 31, 2017. The fare increase does not affect the South County Transit or Paso Express systems.

RTA Proposed Fare Increase Survey

RTA has proposed a fare increase that if approved, will go into effect 12/31/2017.  The proposed new fares are:
Base Cash Fare:  $1.75 ($0.80 Discounted) and $0.25 for each additional zone
Regional Day Pass:  $5.50

RTA 7 Day Pass:  $16.00
RTA 31 Day pass:  $47.00 ($23.50 Discounted)
Regional 31 Day Pass:  $68.00 ($34.00 Discounted)
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Rider Alerts

Updates to Route 14 start August 13

Route 14 from downtown SLO to Cuesta College starts running again for the Fall semester on Monday August 13!

We have made significant changes to the afternoon schedule to better align with the school bell schedule. If you rode on Route 14 before please be sure to check the new schedule.

Safety Day, Friday August 3rd

Friday August 3rd is Safety Day here at RTA! Its a day we set aside to recognize the safe driving of our amazing Bus Operator team. Bus Operator’s who are hitting a milestone for the number of YEARS that they have been driving safely will be given an award while on their bus route in front of their passengers. Its a fun way to recognized and appreciate the people who we trust our lives to. Also, because we will be out giving awards, the Administrative office will be closed for the day.

The Pismo-Avila Trolley is in Service

The free trolley that runs between the Pismo Outlets out to the Avila Pier is back in service and running its Spring schedule. Every Friday/Saturday/Sunday from now until the end of September. Its a great way to get around town and never deal with the hassle of parking! Check out the schedule here!