Ride Guide

Service Days


  • Monday – Sunday (except holidays)
  • Paso Express operates Monday – Saturday (no service on Sunday)
  • “No Service” Holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

South County Transit (SoCo Transit)

  • Monday – Sunday (except holidays)
  • “No Service” Holidays: New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day
  • Sunday Schedule Holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day & Labor Day


Bicycle racks are on all RTA buses. First come, first served. Bicycles may be boarded at any established bus stop. RTA is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen bicycles. Oversize, gas-powered bikes are not accepted.

Electric bikes must have the yellow sticker on the top tube before loading. Stickers can be purchased at Bike SLO County at 860 Pacific St #105, San Luis Obispo, CA. If the bike is too heavy to lift into the rack then it should not be in the rack.

No bike may be transported in the bike racks with excessive luggage still attached.Bikes with child carriers or other equipment, which significantly obstructs the bus operator’s vision, are not allowed. Only lightweight panniers or handlebar bags are acceptable. Please exit using the front door and let the driver know you will get your bike from the rack.

When the bike racks are full, folded bikes with wheels 20” or smaller are allowed on buses if the chain is covered or the chain is between the wheels. Do not allow the bikes to block the narrow center aisle or doors. They must be restricted to the larger front or rear areas.

Wheelchair Passengers

All RTA buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps to accommodate any passenger needing boarding assistance.


Children 44 inches or less in height ride free when traveling with a fare-paying adult.

Reading the Schedule

All timed-stops listed in schedule timetables are earliest departure times. Because earliest departure times are listed, buses always run either on-time or slightly late. Please be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the time listed in the timetable for your stop (if your stop is a timed stop) or the timed-stop before your stop (if your stop is an untimed stop).

Rules for a Safe Ride

To ensure a safe and pleasant ride for all RTA bus riders, please observe the following rules:

  • No smoking, eating or drinking on the bus (except from spill-proof containers)
  • Do not willfully disturb other riders
  • No loud music or cell phone conversations on the bus
  • No standing in the stepwells or in front of the white line
  • No animals  without  carriers on the bus (except service animals)
  • Carry-on items (including folded strollers) must be held or secured to protect other passengers in case of a sudden stop and must not block the aisles or exits.
  • Babies must be held by an adult
  • Front seats are reserved for seniors and passengers with disabilities
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn when on any RTA bus
  • Buses must be boarded at established bus stops

Bus Pass Outlets

To find out where our pass outlets are located click here.

All information is subject to change at any time.

Fixed Route

  • RTA, SoCo Transit, Paso Express
    (805) 541-2228
  • SLO Transit
    (805) 541-2877
  • Morro Bay Transit
  • (805) 772-2744
  • SMAT
    (805) 928-5624


  • Atascadero Dial-A-Ride
    (805) 466-7433
  • Morro Bay Call-A-Ride
    (805) 928-5624
  • Paso Robles Dial-A-Ride
    (805) 772-2744
  • Nipomo
    (805) 929-2881

Runabout Paratransit

  • (805) 541-2544